Hidrobiología (HID)
In increasingly changing and more specific markets, CQ offers comprehensive solutions to its clients that reduce the time of response. For this we offer:

· Prompt execution of assays and services.
· Most advanced technology available in Latin America in chemical testing and residue evaluations.
· Highly qualified professional staff committed to the needs of our customers.
· Modern and state of the art infrastructure.
· Accreditation under ISO 17025 for assay testing and sampling.
· Analytical reliability.
· First class international professional network of agents.

Analitycal Services for:

· Fishery products for human and industrial consumption.
· Food and supplements for animal nutrition.
· Despatch and ship loading supervision for a variety of products.

Product Sampling for compliance verification:

· PAC and POS (controls demanded by health fishery authority)
· End products
· Food handler, surfaces, water, ice
· Waste water

Health fishery authority (Sernapesca) and customers standards controls and testing using accredited procedures techniques under ISO 17025:

· Microbiological
· Chemical sensory
· Food Handlers, surfaces and kitchen utensils
· Non acceptable residues

Most of assay testing accredited under ISO 17025.

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