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Main services:

Compulsory and periodic certification of container tanks for transport and storage of Petrochemicals and Non Destructive Testing (NDT).


Why Corthorn Quality?

· More than 25 years of experience.
· High level of specialization of our professional.
· Last generation equipment.
· Accreditations granted by the INN (National Accreditation Board) and government authorities (SEC).


Certification of fuel storage tanks according to standards:

· PC - 103
· PC - 111.1
· PC - 111.2


Certification of transport fuel tanks according to following standards:

· PC - 104
· PC - 110
· Sealing Certificate


CQ is leader in NDT applications. We detect failures and/or corrosion attack and provide operational reliability to inspected equipment resulting in:

· Significant economic savings.
· Avoidance of potential accidents and failures.

· Container tankers for transport of chemicals.

· Transport and fuel storage tanks.
· Pipelines.
· Water tanks and storage vessels for other substances.
· Metal structures in general.

· Thickness by ultrasound.
· Thickness of coatings.
· Air-tightness.
· Compliance with manufacturing and inspection standards.
· Penetrating liquids.
· Magnetic particles

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